The Dieline Awards 2017 Presentation Box

When you’re asked to design the packaging for packaging’s most prestigious award you begin at the experience. You start by considering the unveiling experience, the reveal, and its presentation to the winner, every time the box is opened. The team at FORMA Structural Packaging created the angled box to mirror The Dieline Award. The interactive box’s lid hinges open to raise the inner platform and present the award to the winner. FORMA Structural Packaging teamed up with Design Packaging to layout the visual design, and fine tune material selection. We partnered with Neenah Paper, wrapping the boxes in Neenah Environments paper which was foil stamped, and all-over embossed with a cross hatch pattern. The cross hatch pattern created relief and texture to the essentialist design aesthetic. Design Packaging’s production team hand assembled each box with razor-sharp 90º edges, and a laser engraved foam insert to protect the award with precision.

The Dieline Awards 2017 Presentation Box


Evelio Mattos Design Packaging Inc

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