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Two Hats, A Brew For The New Generation

by Casha Doemland on 05/17/2018 | 2 Minute Read


Designed with socializing in mind, Two Hats features a design inspired by a deck of cards. On one side of the lime and pineapple, a Gen-Zer rocking some shades and on the other, what appears to be a greek god/goddess on the other. Whatever it is, we're feeling it! 

"MillerCoors engaged Soulsight to launch a new beer brand that would appeal the newest and youngest generation of alcohol consumers, who also happen to not drink beer. Unlike their ideological Millennial counterparts, these 21-24-year-old Gen Z’ers are cost-conscious realists seeking out brands that resonate with their penchant for personal expression and individuality. They also happen to perceive beer to be cheap, bitter and uninspiring. "


"Enter Two Hats: a new, crisp, light beer with a hint of natural fruit flavor that is not only approachable and high-quality, but also priced on par with other economy beers. The packaging design, boasting a traditional playing card motif, helps to support the dynamic duality of this product: Light, but flavorful. Traditional, but new. Beer, but fruity fresh. Responsible, but fun. And, last but not least, good, but cheap. " 


"The playing card is both a metaphor for the social interaction and engagement that fuels these consumers lives, and an enforcer of creative expression with the use of the intricate, considered, and illustrative design elements. A simple flip of the can, when tipped up to consume, showcases the duality and complexity of our character. We all have to wear two hats from time to time.


Agency: Soulsight
Location, Chicago, USA

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