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True Manuka Honey's Branding Strives To Connect You To The Story

by Casha Doemland on 05/16/2018 | 3 Minute Read


Brought to you by the creatives mind of Marx Design, The True Honey Co.'s line of manuka honey is innovative, clever and gorgeous. Between the matte black background, bold white lettering,  gold embossment for style, the stories told on the back of each product for a personal touch and the infrastructure of the box for durability and safekeeping, True Manuka Honey is the only brand you need. 

"When Marx Design was briefed, we immediately knew this was an opportunity to create an exceptional piece of work. With Kate Phillips from TypeB, we developed a brand positioning built on TTHC’s values of honesty and transparency. As the honey is only purchased online, the packaging plays an important part in the brand experience, one we developed into a canvas to communicate the values of the company. We worked closely with Think Packaging to create a completely unique protective case to ship the precious Manuka honey, that doesn’t require bubble wrap, foam filler or nasty petrochemicals."


"The True Honey Co. use MGO to measure Manuka quality. It was important to make our ratings, which are a focal point of our brand’s transparency, the hero of the packaging. Large, modern typography highlights our pride in our honey in a bold, yet humble manner. Every finish was labored over – multiple illustrations, foils used on black stock, high-builds and textured finish on the labels. This attention to detail has created packaging that truly reflects The True Honey Co.’s premium product and honesty-driven brand positioning."


Agency: Marx Design
Location: New Zealand

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