Brewery Carves Its Own Path With Award Winning Bottle Shop

by Casha Doemland on 05/15/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Five-time award-winning, Radical Road Brewing Co. has delivered yet another design that will blow your design mind. The newest bottle features "Go Broke" in block lettering, with a hint of yellow in the center and various designs. 

"Below the cliffs of Edinburgh’s Salisbury Craggs sits the Radical Road. Paved by laborers after the Radical War of 1820, the pathway takes its name after those “radicals” who sought greater freedom for the people of Scotland. This spirit of independence, so ingrained in Scottish national identity, lives on in the free-willed artistry of the brewmasters at Radical Road Brewing Co. And just as every new beer crafted at this microbrewery tests the boundaries of convention, the bottle shop parallels this creativity through dramatically simple design. "

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"Bridgemark has partnered with the microbrewery since inception to keep its raw, unfiltered personality at the forefront. With bold typography and color, the label becomes the canvas on which the beer’s unique tale is told. The bright blend of citrus in Yuzu Pale Ale signals spring, while the effervescent, earthy Shoreline Saison originally quenched thirsts during the summer harvest. Go For Broke Kellerbier is a bold German-style unfiltered lager that tames the autumn chill. Entropy Stout has roasted flavors of chocolate and coffee, suited to cold winter nights, as is our strong Doublespeak Belgian IPA with flavors of spice, white grape and melon. 

Carefully constructed design elements form the full narrative on the individual bottles and among the ever-growing family. It’s a story to be discovered from the moment you first pick up a bottle and spin the label in your hand, and as you continue to try the next brew crafted by the Radical Road clan. 

Radical Road’s bottle shop is a five-time award winner, including a global Pentaward, Creativity International Award, American Graphic Design Award, HOW International Design Merit Award and Mobius Certificate for Outstanding Creativity.

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Agency: BridgemarkCreative Director: Jeff Boulton President: Steve DavisLocation: Mississauga,Canada

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