Cannabis Packaged In Reclaimed Ocean Plastic

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/11/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Sana Packaging, makers of 100% plant-based cannabis packaging, is releasing a new line of packaging made of reclaimed ocean plastic in partnership with Oceanworks, an organization that partners with plastic collection and processing agents around the world. Oceanworks document the chain of custody from “shore to store,” and provide an OceanMade mark to communicate authenticity for products that use and can document reclaimed plastic.


The new line of packaging will launch this upcoming spring.

Marijuana is legal in some form (medicinal and/or recreational) in 33 states and Canada. With the loosening of cannabis laws, many states have enacted strict packaging regulations, which necessitates the use of plastic by the cannabis industry to stay compliant. Currently, there are very few non-plastic options that are compliant with packaging regulations, particularly child resistant requirements.


“This is an incredible opportunity to help clean our oceans and protect some of our planet’s most fragile ecosystems,” says Ron Basak-Smith, co-founder & CEO of Sana Packaging. While Sana Packaging remains focused on their core product, hemp plastic, they recognize the problem with plastic contaminating the ocean.

While plastic is practically unavoidable for the cannabis industry at the moment, using reclaimed and recycled ocean plastic offers an opportunity to mitigate its use until laws change or alternatives are introduced to the market.


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