Duallok Is Intuitive, Child-Resistant Packaging For The Cannabis Industry

by Bill McCool on 09/24/2018 | 4 Minute Read


It’s only a matter of time until Cannabis legalization comes to all 50 states. However, as we see in states like California and Colorado, with the legalization of recreational cannabis comes regulations. And that means stringent packaging protocols, especially when it comes to child-resistant packages.

The cannabis industry might have a new go-to when it comes to keeping their stash locked down from the kiddos. Designed by Burgopak, the Duallok CR3 child-resistant packaging system is the latest and greatest when it comes to high-end controlled substances.


Best of all? Brands no longer have to worry about compliance.

The package itself looks like an over-sized matchstick box, and the insides are accessible by pressing two buttons on the side, allowing the user to slide out the cardboard tray. According to a press release from Burgopak, “this three-step process creates a cognitive challenge beyond the problem-solving capabilities of young children. But for adults, the simple directions printed on the outside of the box provide enough insight to successfully open the package.”


Yes, the package is a nightmare for even the most cognitively-inclined of toddlers. Shake the package all you want, it’s locked in tight, and for a good reason. According to a report from JAMA Pediatrics, since Colorado has legalized recreational cannabis, there’s been a 34% uptick in poison center cases involving children due to inadequate adult supervision or product storage.

“It has gone through a year of testing and development to ensure that it meets the most robust 16 CFR 1700 guidelines for child resistance and senior friendly,” says Burgopak’s Creative director Dane Whitehurst. “So, on a functional level, it strikes a perfect balance.”

“Certified child resistant jars can work well as primary packaging for certain products for example in the cannabis space for concentrates and flower,“ he adds. “Their limitations are more around branding space so they often come in an additional box. Mylar or ‘exit’ bags offer, in my opinion, little in the way of child-resistant protection in a real-world scenario,” he adds. “They may work as a form of protection at the point of purchase, but the reality is that a child is most likely to be exposed to the risk of accidental ingestion within the home."

“The robust locking system is made from a thin polypropylene tab which is die-cut to reduce production costs and is inserted into the tray component to form the locking buttons,” says Burgopak. “This piece is easily removed after use and carries all relevant information to aid recycling.”

The box can be used for any number of the usual suspects including pre-rolls, concentrates, and vape cartridges. Duallok has received significant interest from companies in both the Cannabis and Pharmaceutical industries, and their first commercial order is about to go into production.


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