Icelandic Provisions – A Thousand Years in the Making

by Jessica Deseo on 08/09/2018 | 2 Minute Read

“Meet people where they are and then take them where you want to go. That’s our mantra when working with brands that are stretching established categories or creating new ones.”
—Evan Faber, CEO, Moxie Sozo

Skyr is a cultured dairy product not unlike yogurt. It’s been a provision of Icelanders since the days of the Vikings. They enjoy it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and as a snack between meals, too. But despite its Scandinavian swagger, few Americans know what skyr is, let alone how it compares to its yogurt cousin.
Icelandic Provisions is the only authentic Icelandic skyr available in the United States. Its recipe is rooted in Icelandic tradition, uses heirloom cultures passed down from generation to generation, and is made with milk produced by the oldest farmer-owned dairy co-op in the country.


But it takes more than a great product to be noticed in the $9 billion yogurt category. The brand would have to normalize an otherwise unfamiliar product while simultaneously setting itself apart to capture consumers at the point of purchase. Icelandic Provisions engaged Moxie Sozo, a Boulder-based creative agency, to reimagine the brand from its on-shelf appearance up.

Agency: Moxie Sozo
Designer: Nate Dyer
Client: Icelandic Provisions
Location: United States

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