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Old Tom Gin Pays Tribute To The London Gin Craze With Striking Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/14/2018 | 1 Minute Read


We love how the label for this gin packaging stands out. Superfantastic created the packaging for Old Tom Gin, a brand that is inspired by the botanically infused gins from yesteryear.  

“The Gin act of 1751 was introduced to cure the gin craze, when the average Londoner was drinking the equivalent of 2 pints of gin per week.

Bootleg distilleries emerged, developing their own spirits and adding botanical infusions to make them more palatable.

To indicate that gin was available for sale, establishments would display a discreet wooden sign featuring a carving of an old tom cat.

Customers inserted a coin into the mouth of the cat and in return would receive a glut of gin from the cat’s paw.

Our handcrafted Superfantastic Old Tom Gin pays homage to the original recipes, with infusions of blackcurrant, lemongrass, hops and bushy. The result is a mildly sweetened aromatic spirit.”


Designed By: Superfantastic

Gin Produced By:  Audemus Spirits

Printed By: Printstore

Location: London, UK

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