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Period Sex Just Got Really Expensive With THINX's Period Sex Blanket

by Casha Doemland on 07/02/2018 | 2 Minute Read



Aunt Flow is in town and passing up a romp in the hay is not a viable option for you. Honestly, why should it be? You're both adults, and there are a handful of pros to having sex on your period. For example, according to Bustle "When we orgasm, the body releases oxytocin and dopamine, along with other endorphins that can ease any period-related pains. Those hormones are far stronger than any over-the-counter painkillers."

So, maybe, deep down you're just trying to rid your body of the hell it's currently experiencing. You ponder shower sex, or perhaps just digging up a raggedy old towel and praying for the best.

Curious as to other options women seek on their period, you hit up Google and discover THINX's "Sex Blanket For People With Periods.ā€ It's 100% lavender polyester-satin with red stitching, and functional because of Thinx's 4-layer technology ā€“ 95% cotton and 5% elastane, breathable PUL.

You think to yourself, hm, this could be a trusty option because THINX's period-proof underwear is a gift from the gods, sustainable and praised by many. After all, their underwear is what shot their company into the mainstream, and it serves as a focal point to the brand.

But then you scroll down to peep the price, only to nearly black out, because there's no way you could have read that amount right.

You read it again, $369 for a period blanket?! A blanket that is literally just going to get soaked in blood, rinsed and then repeated. Does it come hand delivered in a bedazzled box? Will it magically make this experience sexier? Will it at least make me a sandwich afterward? Seriously, who thought promoting period sex would cost 1/3 of this month's rent AND be considered a luxury?

While no one is knocking THINX and their dedication to destigmatizing period sex, it's a hefty price to pay. Heck, Iā€™d rather purchase two tickets to Disneyland and get my dopamine fix there than front the bill for an extra duvet.


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