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Start Your Day Off Right with Bright Foods

by Casha Doemland on 07/11/2018 | 2 Minute Read

Designed by founder Brenden Schaefer and ROOK, Bright Foods is just that, bright and vibrant food that is great for you. 

"Over the years, we kept trying different foods that promised to keep us going, to nourish us throughout the day. Juices gave a big energy spike, followed by a quick crash. Bars were chock-full of sugar or highly processed. And eating whole fruits and vegetables just wasn’t practical – sticky hands and leftover peels made it too hard when running from meeting to meeting."

"So we decided to create the kind of food that we’d always wanted – something that made it easy to get all the benefits of whole vegetables and fruits. Something where you didn’t have to scrutinize the label or have second thoughts. Something that tasted great, because there was great stuff in it. Something so simple, it was obvious. Something bright

We also believe that business can make the world a better place. We’re committed to using organic ingredients, to treating all stakeholders with respect and dignity, and to sourcing from local suppliers and partners as much as possible. We aim to grow responsibly and to protect the planet as we do so."

Bright Beet Bar.JPG
Bright Kale Bar.JPG
Bright Carrot Bar.JPG

Agency: ROOK
Location: New York City, USA

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