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This Promotional Gift Was Designed For Clients To Get In Touch With the “Other Side”

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/24/2018 | 2 Minute Read


San Diego based agency Traina Design created this spooky ouija board in order to create a memorable gift for their clientele.


“Deadlines is a self-promotional piece designed by the creative spirits at Traina and was mailed to their clients in early October 2017. It offered a unique spin on the eternally provocative Ouija board, theming the game to resonate with our marketing-minded clientele. It also gave us a seasonally appropriate canvas to demonstrate our creativity – from haunting custom illustrations to eerily playful integration of industry-related terms. We left no tombstone unturned in sourcing materials and production techniques to produce a memorable and unique promotional piece.”


Designed By: Traina Design
Creative Directors: David Traina, Mark Gallo
Designers: Joe Ross, John Laird
Photographer: Ed Garcia
Copywriter: Matt Bachmann
Location: San Diego, California

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