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A Big European Eyewear Retailer Gets a Fun and Funky New Design

by Natalie Mouradian on 06/11/2018 | 3 Minute Read


Snask designed this ultra-fun branding and packaging for Lensway, one of Europe’s main players in the eyewear and lens market. The design features a bold color palette and funky eye illustrations that allow the brand to stand out and speak for itself.

“Founded in 2000 Lensway has grown to be one of Europe's largest retailers for lenses and eyewear. During the quick growth the brand quickly lost it's direction and the company found itself with a great customer base but with low loyalty. The problem was that the brand lacked a personality and a tone of voice. Snask got the assignment to modernize Lensway and create a brand that had its own unique style as well as feel to it.”


“We knew that the brand was in big need of a visual remake. Everything except the logo was up for grabs and we focused a lot around eyes in iconography and patterns and chose a typography that was versatile, playful and unique yet easy to read. We decided to intensify the brands red color and also add an equally strong blue together with a lighter peach pink. Along the identity we also created a lot of photos and films for SoMe, other online media as well as TV.”


Designed By: Snask 
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

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