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Oregon's First Tea Grower Gets an Elegant Look For Its Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 06/06/2018 | 3 Minute Read


Murmur Creative designed this elegant yet straightforward packaging for Minto Island, a tea brand that is proud to call Oregon it’s home.

“Minto Island is on the forefront of the budding U.S. tea industry and is Oregon’s first tea grower. A premium tea grown with great care in small batches, Minto has operated in the Willamette Valley since the 1980s.”


“In designing packaging for Minto, we wanted to create a container that had the high-end feeling of a stand up box but that had less environmental impact and was more cost effective. The double width folded box achieves the structure and weight of a more expensive box and supports Minto’s premium branding. The custom labels functionally seal the box while also providing color differentiation and harvest date for each tea variety.”


“The show stopping quality of these boxes lies in the subtle and sophisticated embossing. A tactile pattern wraps around the side of the box, while a delicate badge frames the logo and draws the eye to a neon Pantone emblem. Those elegant touches elevate packaging that still retains the down to earth quality of an Oregon product.”


Designed By: Murmur Creative
Designer: Renee Dimalla
Client: Minto Island Tea Company
Creative Director: Andrew Bolton
Printer: Boxes from Precision Images and Labels from Craftsman Label
Location: Portland, Oregon

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