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Check Out The Elegant Packaging For This Seafood Product Brand

by Natalie Mouradian on 05/30/2018 | 5 Minute Read


This is Pacifica designed this elegant branding and packaging for Hardy, a Portuguese seafood brand that takes inspiration from German recipes and aesthetics.

“Hardy is an experience. A product that binds together history, adventure, tradition, locality, fusion and innovation.

Hardy is a heritage of time, with a contemporary flavour: smoked salmon according to a German smoke formula and Portuguese knowledge. The signature communicates the legacy, tradition and mastery that the product reveals.”


“Hardy's graphic identity results from two main ideas: the use and manipulation of a strong typography that evokes a Germanic aesthetic, rigid and sharp as a cutting knife and the symbol that reproduces the Hardy process, the salmon fillet, with its texture and repetition of pattern, and a drawstring tie that binds it to the smoker. 

The visual representation of the fish is adapted to other fishes in the Hardy portfolio, such as the slender and longer Eel, the Mackerel (small and group) and the extension to future new products. The chromatic palette was defined with great care: the salmon orange and a deep blue exist in balance and in alternation.” 


“The packaging was treated as an extension of the brand, natural and appealing. The packaging is entirely made of raw micro-corrugated cardboard with UV color printing. With a minimalist and assertive look, the packaging represents the salmon and the handle reproduces the logo loop. Two different packages have been created. The FULL Salmon for sale at the brand's factory, for points of sale and on the website and HALF Salmon for specialized outlets with use of a cutout that allows to see the salmon.”


Creative Direction & Design: This is Pacifica
Photography: Nuno Moreira
Film Director: João Souse, Le Joy
Smoker: Filipe Dams
Location: Porto, Portugal
Thanks to Cabana Studio and CAPA Leather Goods.

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