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Moodcast is a Home Fragrance Line With a Color Palette Inspired By Finnish Glassware

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/24/2018 | 2 Minute Read


A bold color scheme and delicate gold foiling details make the packaging for this home fragrance line stand out. Fredericus l'Ami designed the packaging for Moodcast Fragrance Co.

“Moodcast Fragrance Co. is a new perfume brand dedicated to helping people evoke mood through scent. For their first collection, a family of six candles, I created a brand identity, custom glassware & packaging.”


“For the glassware I designed individually coloured matte-glass vessels with a translucent circular window to reinforce the concept of personal space & highlight the flame as it burns.”


“Colours are inspired by 60s Finnish glassware & the principles of colour-therapy to create a palette that reinforces each mood. A single gold foil highlight on glassware & packaging creates pop & establishes a luxury aesthetic.”


Designed By: Fredericus l'Ami
Client. Adam Hochschuler
Company. Moodcast Fragrance Co.
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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