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Loch Lomond Brewery's Second Release Incorporates Breathtaking Photography of The Land It's From

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/23/2018 | 2 Minute Read


Following up on their beautiful initial redesign for Loch Lomond Brewery, Thirst Craft has come out with more visually-stunning designs for the Scottish beer brand. This time, the designs take inspiration from the gorgeous landscape of the Loch Lomond area itself.

“The second stage of Thirst’s Loch Lomond Brewery rebrand was to create a cutting edge design for their Craft Range. This range houses dynamic, innovative brews, so it needed an equally experimental perspective of Loch Lomond to match. This meant bulldozing the traditional tourist board tweeness of the ‘Bonnie Bonnie Banks’ and showing Loch Lomond like it had never been seen before.”


“Thanks to Loch Lomond’s hills and vistas, it’s almost always pictured looking up. So, in order to create a wildly different view, Thirst flipped this perspective and took a dramatic look down. After a day out on the shores with a drone, Thirst flooded bird’s-eye images with Scotland’s natural colour palette - earthy browns, slate greys, rich purples and vibrant greens - to create surreal, almost abstract crops of the land. 
Each coloured image was matched with the beer’s individual qualities; plenty of hop-like, vibrant green trees for Lost in Mosaic APA and earthy stone with deep, dark water for Lost Monster Imperial Milk Stout.”


“With hundreds of photos in the bank, the system is as agile as the craft brews themselves, able to extend effortlessly to accommodate fresh new editions. Just like the more traditional Classic Range, it’s another perspective that pairs Loch Lomond’s iconic beauty with the brewery’s iconic beers.”


Designed By: Thirst Craft
Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom

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