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The Packaging For These Lashes Incorporate a Classy Color Scheme and Playful Typography

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/12/2018 | 2 Minute Read


Canadian studio Concrete designed this elegant packaging for Velour, a brand of premium false lashes. The design incorporates a classy black, white and gold color scheme and plays with feminine typography in order to create a fun and flirty design solution.

“Velour was a major player within a niche category of the beauty world: premium lashes. Having recognized that their existing did not adequately convey the qualities of its products, Velour turned to Concrete to evolve its brand identity.”


“We quickly realized that there were unique challenges due to the specific requirements of lash packaging. 1. The product has to be highly visible 2. Unlike lipstick/foundation shades, the differences between lash styles are subtler to the eye. Our approach was the create a packaging system that put both the lashes and their illustrative names front and centre.

Artistic brush strokes and hints of gold add drama to the black and white colour palette, resulting in a brand that can emote classic luxury while being decidedly modern.”


Designed By: Concrete
Designer: Julianna Le
Wordmark: Jonathon Yule
Creative Director: Jordan Poirier
Chief Creative Officer: Diti Katona
Production Management: Brandy McKinlay
Production Design: René Ostetto
Brand Planner: Jessica Best
Client: Velour Lashes
Location: Canada

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