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Terraz Wine Celebrates Its Origins With Its Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 04/05/2018 | 3 Minute Read


Montalbán Estudio designed this gorgeous packaging for Terraz, a Spanish wine that celebrates its high-altitude origins. The design features beautifully intricate gold-foiled typography that provide an elegant feeling overall.


“When La General de Vinos told us about vineyards at an extreme altitude, we thought of the orography of Calatayud and its rough and intense land. And we came up with Terraz: a categorical name for a top-notch wine. Its design refers to the homeland, the tradition and know-how of the wine growers who for decades have made the best out of the altitude of their vineyards and the intensity of the grapes. The handwritten typography goes back to the roots of the land, to its flavour and potential. A modern wine that learns from the tradition and moves on respectfully, looking up to a fully open future.”


Designed By: Montalbán Estudio
Creative Direction: Víctor Montalbán & Luis Utrillas
Typography and calligraphy: Luis Utrillas
Naming: Víctor Montalbán & Cristina Caballero
Photographs: Unpardedos Fotógrafos
Location: Zaragoza, Spain

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