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Check Out the Fun and Funky Illustrations For This Range of Products

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/20/2018 | 3 Minute Read


Saworl teamed up with Korean company Emart in order to create this super cute packaging for a range of products for SM, one of Korea’s most well-known entertainment companies. The products include a variety of bright, fun and sometimes funky illustrations that are sure to capture attention.

“A range of products reflecting the lifestyle of SM artists was launched through collaboration of Emart and Korea’s most renowned entertainment company, SM. The products and packaging were designed to bear a close connection with the artists, thereby a product can be associated with a specific or favorite artist and maximized collection value. For this project, the products were divided into 3 collections, which were brought to the market one after another to match different seasons.”


“The ‘Awake your Summer’ collection launched during the summer vacation season was themed with the catchphrase ‘an exciting summer just like SM artists,’ and comprised with items to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Energetic and dynamic patterns representing SM artists’ identity were applied across the packaging for drinks, beach bags, picnic mats and pool floats.”


“The ‘Premium Meal Box’ collection is inspired by ‘gift meal boxes,’ often sent by fans to celebrities as a show of affection. The menu and decorations were designed in collaboration with food stylists to symbolize a specific artist. The pop color packaging was also inspired by artists’ signature graphics and symbols such as EXO’s hexagon and SHINEE’ diamond.”


“Launched in line with the beginning of the autumn semester, the ‘Back to School’ collection is made up of school supplies and day-to-day items featuring cartoon illustrations of different artists as well as patches, stickers and other graphics. This fun and whimsical collection appeals most to young fans.”


Designed By: Saworl & Emart
Client: Brand Strategy Team of Emart Co., Ltd
Creative & Art Director: Brand Strategy Team of Emart Co., Ltd
Photographer: Jung Hoon Han / H Factory
Location: South Korea

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