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WuDu Liquor Plays With the Idea of Allowing Packaging To Transcend Its Original Purpose

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/15/2018 | 3 Minute Read


We love this super elegant and luxurious packaging for WuDu Liquor which was designed by Chinese agency ShenZhen Lingyun Creative. The packaging solution plays with the idea of packaging transcending its original purpose in order to create a sustainable solution as well.


“Usually, after a product is used up, its container will be discarded. Regarding this, we start to think about how to cyclically utilize the container in an aesthetic way. The product is a Chinese white spirit bottled in a porcelain container that delivers the charm of oriental culture. The container is additionally matched with a porcelain coaster that bears weight and also better decorates the product. We put a twig of dried flowers and a user manual in the package to tell users the best way of secondarily using the container. In this way, when the product is used up, the container can still be placed as an ornament in our life space.”


“In addition, the outer packing box of the product is not sealed so that consumers can keep the box intact, instead of tearing it apart, when they open the package and take the product out. Consumers will be also informed of preserving the full package, including the outer packing box, the porcelain container and the twig of dried flowers, when they buy the product. Because next time they buy the same product, they will be granted a discount as long as they return the full package to the seller. The amount of the discount equals the cost of packaging. For the manufacturer, they only need to refill the container and put it into the packing box with the dried flowers to again sell it on the market. This method is beneficial to all: the cycle use of the product package is heightened, consumers get rewards, and the manufacturer saves the cost of packaging.”


Agency: ShenZhen Lingyun creative packaging design Co.,Ltd.
Designers: XiongBo Deng, Yao Xu
Location: China

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