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Reindeer Meat Never Looked So Good - Check Out This Packaging for Min Boazu

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/13/2018 | 3 Minute Read


Who knew packaging for reindeer meat could look this good? Strømme Throndsen Design created this elegant packaging for Min Boazu, a Norwegian brand that specializes in creating reindeer meat products.

“Min Boazu is a Sami-owned company in Karasjok, Norway, that specialises in quality reindeer meats. Although it was established in 2016 it continues in the traditions of its location, a slaughterhouse that dates back to 1932. Min Boazu reindeer are free to graze on open land all year round, and are the product of mindful husbandry and sustainable farms.”


“Drawing on the company’s Sami heritage and associated visual culture, we developed a striking and bold design unique to the category. A distinct tapestry of text and iconography. An expression of enduring traditions, craft and the honouring of the land.”


“The colour palette, a combination of deep blue and contrasting white and bronze finish, emphasises each detail and alludes to the unending night of northern Norway’s winters, the endless light and purity of its summer and of superior product quality. The result is a design full of history and culture references implemented in a simple yet powerful way.”


Designed By: Strømme Throndsen Design
Creative Director: Morten Throndsen
Designer: Morten Throndsen, Jana Hestevold, Eia Grødal
Printer: UNI Digiflex
Client: Min Boazu
Location: Norway

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