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This Wine Aims To Capture The Tempo and Culture of City Life

by Natalie Mouradian on 02/20/2018 | 2 Minute Read


PG Branding designed this dynamic packaging for Me Sorta wines. The bold monochromatic illustrations paired with modern typography make for an eye-catching design solution overall.


“Under the scope of the project our team engaged in activities connected with the brand name for fine wines. The primary goal was to attract a younger targeted audience and become a youthful brand. While choosing an idea, the authors fixed upon such abstract notions like the culture and tempo of a modern city. The key visuals are based on the landscape of a city at night. The color of light varies depending on if it’s a red wine or a white wine and also varies depending on the type of wine.”


Designed By: PG Branding
Name: Lesha Sosnitskiy
Design: Nastya Pantsevich
Management: Vital Yatskevich
Location: Belarus

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