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Dang Healthy Snacks Get an Exciting New Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/06/2018 | 4 Minute Read


Dang Foods is an Asian-inspired natural snack brand, the original coconut chip company, and the leader in its category. However, as the market was becoming more crowded, Vincent Kitirattragarn, the founder of Dang, asked Hatch to develop a new visual ID and packaging that would entice and excite consumers, taking them on a journey to try street food in Thailand, or nibble on a fresh coconut in Vietnam.

Hatch looked at two trends to guide the strategy of the re-design. First, consumers are looking for experiences in every part of life, especially through food. They see food as a way to experience authenticity when traveling, and as a way to be adventurous at home. Second, consumers are focusing on a holistic version of health that encompasses the physical, emotional, and mental. They want to be able to indulge in a healthy way, and seek novelty or experimentation to fulfill both the functional and emotional aspect of snacking. Snacks need to have ingredients they can pronounce, and should come from inspiring, relatable brands.


Using these insights, we put a stake in the ground: Dang is the gateway to experimenting and enticing people to try new things and create Dang-worthy moments. Dang makes the best snacks inspired by Asian foods, providing a uniquely extraordinary take on familiar foods to create out of this world delicious snacks for the globally-minded tastemaker who actively and consciously wants to experience life in all forms, especially through food. It does this by using real, whole food ingredients that are vegan, non-GMO and a good source of fiber, providing satiation, enjoyment, and pride.

We wanted to celebrate the passion, excitement, and lighthearted fun that is Dang, while bringing the breakthrough product innovation to the forefront. Using the guiding strategy line of of “Whole Foods, reinvented!”, we made the source ingredient the hero on all Dang package which reinforced product lines. The hero image is illustrated to bring personality to the pack and highlight the handcrafted quality of the product. To reinforce texture, crunch, and taste appeal, photography is used for the chips flying out of the source ingredient; a literal “straight from the source” snack.


Each pack utilizes a crisp and bright colors to add excitement and fun to the pack, while helping it stand out on shelf. Color is used strategically to differentiate between products. The stronger and richer the color of the pack, the more flavor forward the product; coconut chips have a bright pastel background, while onion chips have deeper toned backgrounds. The flavor is highlighted with a bright accent color for easy shopability. To reinforce the all-natural, clean ingredients, the logo was consistently white across packaging, and we made it bolder to build brand recognition.

Dang still handcrafts each batch of chips the same way Mama Dang did, back in the day. To highlight that craftsmanship and authenticity, we used hand-written type and whimsical illustrations on pack to bring this to life. We created icons with hand-drawn and crafted elements to cue product line, flavor, key benefits, and RTVs. This adds an emotional and joyful element to the pack, and amplified the experience of snacking for the consumer.


The result is packaging that is dynamic, fun, and an inviting experience for loyal and new consumers. Dang became a brand with a bold and unique personality that appealed to consumer’s emotions, not just a delicious snack. The new packaging gave more reasons to believe and engage with the brand, enabling Dang to maintain its relevance and leadership in the category



Designed By: Hatch
Art Director: Nicole Flores
Designer: Ellen O’Reilly
Photographer: Marshall Gordon
Client: Dang Foods
Location: San Francisco, California

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