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The Amalfi Coast Meets Australia With This Lemon Spritzer Design

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/05/2018 | 3 Minute Read


Ambra Liqueurs came to Cornershop with a clear brief; to reposition their brand to engage the spritzer market rather than a traditional older Italian male consumer. Specifically, Ambra was to attract and inspire ‘Bianca’; a 30 year old, aspirational, sophisticated, independent woman.


The heart of the Ambra brand is Limoncello; a refreshing lemon liqueur historically produced in Italy around the coast of Amalfi. Ambra products are handcrafted in Australia (with locally grown ingredients and New World innovation) and based on authentic Italian family recipes. Cornershop’s strategy was to honour the brands’ heritage, but make a contemporary statement in order to stand out from its traditional competitors. “Australia is a bold and colourful nation, from its people to its landscapes, particularly in Spring/Summer when spritzers are likely to be appreciated,” says Damian Hamilton, brand keeper & designer. “Australia and Amalfi are both connected by their wonderful beaches and the lifestyle they offer. The colours, symbols, patterns and textures of the beach are comparable in both places. Our intention was to bring this story to life and create a solution that reflected an enviable beach lifestyle. When Bianca drinks Limoncello-based spritzers or other Ambra products by herself or with friends, we want to take her on a journey to the stunning Amalfi coast where it all began. She can imagine and be inspired by sitting seaside or poolside with her spritzer relaxing, reading a book, socialising with girlfriends or being romantic with her partner. Ambra can bring this fantasy to life.”


The branding and packaging solution is a refreshing change. A new Ambra logo, inspired by vintage Italian posters, was meticulously crafted. This has been screen printed directly to the unique frosted glass ‘genie’ bottles, retained for their positive brand recognition. The feature of the brand are distinct stripes, coloured in bold lemon and the vibrant shade of the ocean, inspired by South Australia’s very own Moana Shade, beach towels or sunbeds that line the beaches of Amalfi. A custom designed and produced wooden closure tops off the packaging and reinforces the brands ‘handcrafted’ approach.

“With the rebranding of Ambra, Damian and his team have created a unique, fun and vibrant brand which communicates our heritage and our future,” says Nando Focareta, Ambra Director. “Ambra is now being noticed and stands out in the busy crowd and we are thankful to Cornershop for their excellent creative and visionary design.”


Designed By: Cornershop
Location: Adelaide, Australia

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