This Client Gift Comes With a Beautiful Intricate Design

by Natalie Mouradian on 03/07/2018 | 2 Minute Read


We love the intricate design of this client gift. Texas-based agency MonkeyTag created a variety of monkey vinyl toys as gifts to thank their clients for their patronage. In addition to creating adorable monkey figures, the packaging that houses the toys is a spectacular work of art, making for a meaningful gift overall.

“Designed to surprise and delight clients, a custom package design and vinyl toy figurine were both created as part of a limited edition holiday kit aimed to keep MonkeyTag's brand top of mind as clients try to collect each character. The figurines tell both MonkeyTag’s brand story as well as the soon to be released Simians’ story.”


“MonkeyTag set out to create a packaging environment that has as much longevity as the figurines themselves. For a luxurious feel, the package was constructed with a heavy stock of Patriot blue paper and screen printed with a semi-matte metallic ink. The interior design was inspired by retro-futurism and space travel while intertwining custom insignias of each character’s tribe. When multiple kits are placed together, the carefully crafted exterior mono-line design forms a larger connected pattern.”


“Holiday kit recipients were given the option to display their figurines in three different formats: by opening the gate door flaps to display the figurine within the package, by removing the interior stand while keeping the printed environment card attached, or by keeping the figurine on the stand and removing the environment card. The holiday kit was built with versatility and storytelling in mind throughout all the three stages of unboxing.”


Designed By: MonkeyTag
Executive Creative Director: Anthony Bearden
Creative Director: Lindsey Goldstein
Senior Graphic Designer: Armando Perez
Graphic Designer: Logan Bingaman
Printer: Intense Printing
Senior Account Executive: Loree Jackson
Account Supervisor: Molly Grummun
Location: Dallas, Texas

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