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A Uniqely Vegan Snack Gets a Bold Geometric Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 02/12/2018 | 2 Minute Read


Seed Strategy created this vibrant packaging for fruit jerky brand, Nothing But The Fruit. This unique snack needed a bold look in order to provide consumers with a prime snacking experience.

“Create a design that truly celebrates an entirely new-to-the-world, better-for-you snack form — Fruit Jerky from Nothing But The Fruit. This enjoyable snack features real pressed fruit, plant-based protein and sweet and savory ingredients that's been crafted for adults seeking snacks with modern flavor profiles. Varieties include: Concord Strawberry Ginger & Coconut, Salted Watermelon Jalapeño & Chia and Mango Chili Lime & Pepitas.”


“With our design, we set out to capture the sentiment of a new kind of snack, while also conveying the vibrancy found in a rainbow of real fruit and natural ingredients. We arrived at a ‘modern art’ design that represents the unique product form, delightful sensory experience and simple list of ingredients found in this authentic, vegan fruit jerky.”


Designed By: Jeff Johns/Seed Strategy
SVP, Creative Director: Jeff Johns
EVP Chief Creative Officer: Robert Cherry
Associate Designer: Chelsea Bradley
Motion Graphic Designer: Mike Sweeney
EVP Head of Strategy: Sean Smyth
Strategist: Stephanie O’Brien
Client: Joe Del Regno
Client: Erika Jubinville
Manufacturer: Nothing But the Fruit
Location: Crestview Hills, USA

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