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Check Out the Elegant Minimal Packaging For This Hand Cream

by Natalie Mouradian on 02/05/2018 | 3 Minute Read


Carl Nas Associates designed the minimalistic packaging for Tangent GC hand cream.

“Tangent GC, specialists in organic garment, shoe and skin care, is introducing a new range – organic hand cream. We stayed very close to our previous Tangent GC packaging concepts and sourced an exposed aluminum tube, fully recyclable, and printed the white label on top of the aluminum instead of using a paper stock. The fragrances, fir and tulip, match the already available hand soaps.” 


“For the launch campaign we commissioned Syd Brak, the internationally acclaimed air brush artist from the 80’s (Athena posters), to create hyper-realistic sensual hands. Mirroring the ambitions behind the hand cream itself.”


Designed By: Carl Nas Associates
Client: Tangent GC
Creative Director: Carl Johan Nas
Designers: Benjamin Bostock, Marco Klaus
Illustrator: Syd Brak
Location: London, United Kingdom

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