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Hoovers Revenge is a Spirit That Tells The Story of a Family Dog

by Natalie Mouradian on 02/06/2018 | 3 Minute Read


Proof Agency and Jim Harper Creative teamed up to create this beautiful packaging for Hoover’s Revenge, a limited release whisky that comes with a family story.


“Proof Agency hired us to help design this new offering from Marble Distilling Company from Carbondale, CO. They provided sketches and an amazing amount of direction. The vision of Proof Owner Jack Thorwegan was to recreate the scene that inspired the name of the product on the label. We hired Russian Illustrators Grafit Studios who painted the mountain lion attack that the family dog Hoover fended off making him a family hero. We surrounded the painting with the story, brand cues and a lot of copper foil.”


Agency: Proof Agency
Client: Marble Distilling
Designer: Jim Harper
Production: Jim Harper
Art Director: Jack Thorwegan
Illustrator: Grafit Studio
Photography of Bottle: Jennifer Silverberg
Printer: Blue Label Digital
Location: Edwardsville, IL

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