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This Greek Tea Comes With an Earthy Feeling

by Natalie Mouradian on 01/31/2018 | 2 Minute Read


Olio Studio created this earthy packaging for Klio Tea, a new brand of herbal teas. The design features beautiful linework illustrations and photography that highlights the natural ingredients found within the tea.


“Olio studio was tasked with creating a unique packaging for Klio Tea, a line of Greek herbal teas. From strategy to creating the form, we collaborated with the client to rebrand the product to capture its unique qualities.

By balancing neutral colors with a modern take on traditional Greek motifs we highlighted the natural healing quality of these teas. We created a flexible platform with which new product lines can be seamlessly added.”


Agency: Olio Studio
Creative Directors: Marija Vidal & Eszter T. Clark
Designers: Eiselle Ty & Amanda Lim
Photographer: Marija Vidal
Printer: Pacific Bag Inc.
Client: Klio Tea
Location: Berkeley, CA

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