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Check Out This Adorable Japanese Snack

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/05/2017 | 2 Minute Read


Bangkok based Yindee Design is responsible for the adorable packaging for this Japanese snack.

“Furukari is a fused word of ‘Furutsu’ (fruit in Japanese dialect) and ‘Karikari’ (crunchy in Japanese).”


“This snack consists of crunchy dried fruits and Hokkaido milk chocolate. Initially, Hokkaido milk chocolate was placed primarily and fruit secondary. It was also in a bite-size bar not a breakable rectangular bar as the recent one. The previous name of the brand is Chokaido, which is a blend of Chocolate and Hokkaido. The overall product was confusing for consumers; likewise, it didn’t sell well."


"Truth be told, fruits are the heavier part of this snack. They are not supposed to be a supporting character. From that point on, we encouraged our client to bring fruits to light. We changed the name to emphasize on fruits. Each packaging is in light and sweet colour with the miniature fruit-shaped dessert house that is there to welcome every sweet tooth. 

Although Furukari was just recently launched, it has already gained quite a number of fans."


Designed By: Yindee Design
Designer: Monnapat Saikaew
Creative Director: Anuchit Panyawatchara
Client: Lanna Agro industry
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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