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This Wine is Sure to Add a Pop of Color to Your Day

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/04/2017 | 5 Minute Read


Kissmiklos designed this bold, colorful packaging for Bognár Borbirtok winery.


“The original name of the winery was Bognár Borbirtok (Winery Estate of the Bognars). When designing the logo I considered the word bor (wine) to be more important, so I placed greater emphasis on it, since the Bognar family (brothers) has several winery estates within different sub-regions of Hungary.”


“The first set of the winery consisted of cheaper, looser, reductive wines in bottles with screw closure. These features required a youthful design, so I impaired the wines with strong colors. On the front labels I used big white letters to indicate that ‘This is a … wine.’ This sentence continues in the more detailed descriptions on the back labels: ‘Neither more, nor less… You want to know more? Taste it.’”


Designer and Art Director: Kissmiklos
Photographer: Eszter Sarah
Client: Bognár Borbirtok
Location: Budapest, Hungary

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