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Blushing Blond is a Quintessentially Dutch Beer

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/03/2017 | 2 Minute Read


This craft beer is capturing the spirit of the Dutch. Machacas designed the packaging for Blushing Blond, the first brew from a new brewery in The Netherlands.

“'Blozend Blondje' or Blushing Blonde, is the first beer for the newly established brewery Duindauw. Made in a town from the west coastline of The Netherlands.

Its first beer is this blond beer. A fresh, crafted and spicy high fermented beer. Specially made for the beer lover, while enjoying the breeze of the Atlantic sea.”


“Agency Machacas is actively collaborating with the brewery. Finding it’s unique design style for their new brewery and beer range.

The designer has searched for some iconic 'dutchness'. And used some cheekiness to capture the spirit of this beer that resonates to the indulgence of the beer lover. Long story short, this packaging has got character and a nice hint of sexy.”


Designed By: Machacas
Designer: Henry Bauke Gaastra
Client: Duindauw
Printer: Drukwerk Solutions
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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