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What Happens When Three Brothers Decide To Start A Brewery?

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/03/2017 | 3 Minute Read


Tim, Tim and Felix have two fun things in common, the three gentlemen are each others brother-in-law and have mutually been dreaming about setting up their own beer brewery. This year their dream finally came alive when they contacted branding agency Today. This resulted in a great launch of the brand using striking branding to emphasize the outstanding flavour of the beers.


Brewing a quality beer is a real craft, one that is saturated with traditional connotations when it comes to design. To stand out in the crowd we gave the brand a distinctive strategic direction based on our insight of "Tradition meets Revolution". Today used this strategic direction as a brand foundation in their design approach. Implementing it throughout the brand, balancing on the edge of tradition and revolution, we’ve created a striking and exciting brand identity. The visual language is not alienating from the recognizable category "cues", but rather re-using it to move towards an unique position. Resulting in a beer brand that is disruptive and draws instant attention!


The power of Brothers in Law is their vivid, no-nonsense attitude. No sales pitches, just good ingredients and a beautiful craft beer! You recognize the attitude of the 3 gentlemen in the complete brand identity. The main expression of this comes to live in the beer labels: powerful, bright and striking in a category that is dominated by tradition. Every family has its own traditions, so these boys do too. Each beer has its own 'law' which matches the specific characteristics of the various specialty beers.


In addition, we developed a catering-toolkit with striking posters, a flyer with all the facts about the craft beers and various sales tools. With this, the gentlemen are gaining steady market share, soon in a neighborhood near you!

For the keyvisuals we worked together with photographer Ruben May. The photography and visual language is robust, as are the characteristics of the brand.


Designed By: Today

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

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