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These Brews Capture the Spirit and Stories of This Czech Brewery

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/02/2017 | 4 Minute Read


Prague based agency Cocoon redesigned an old Czech favorite and created a new take on traditional beer packaging. Staropramen Beer got a new redesigned logo and a special series of brews that capture the stories behind the brewery and its origin.

“We love to go above and beyond for our clients, especially when they’ve been with us for so long. Staropramen wanted to celebrate their redesign by pointing to the brand and brewery’s specific points of pride. Each trait that makes Staropramen unique fits into the wider story of their success.”


“Our goal was to create a set of special edition cans to announce a contemporary redesign. We became storytellers for Staropramen’s proud Czech beers and brewing traditions by creating a graphical style for 14 different can designs, all of which can be seen on Nealko, Smíchov, Jedenáctka and Ležák. The typographical features describe the ingredients and precise brewing methods of each beer.”


“These stories are not found in any books. They exist within the people and products behind Staropramen’s name. However, you can discover these stories for yourself on the back of the 14 cans. All showcase a distinctive graphical style that quickly became a part of Staropramen’s identity, despite this result being unplanned during the creative process.”


“The special edition Staropramen cans give the public something new and different to enjoy. Each can design features Staropramen’s quality taste profiles and ingredients while highlighting the brand’s values in a modern way. Beer has been part of Czech lives and traditions for centuries, and we chose to honor their stories in Staropramen’s identity.”


Designed By: Cocoon

Creative Director: Martynas Birskys

Designers: Michal Kraus, Evgeny Razzhivin, Anna Belousova

Typography / Illustration: Anna Belousova

3D Visualizer: Petr Ludvík

Copywriter: Jakub Plášek

Managing Director: Jiří Votruba

Account Director: Michaela Kratochvílová

Project Manager: Çigdem Çevrim

DTP Studio Manager: Jan Bortc

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

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