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Inari Biru Is Inspired By Minimalist Japanese Design and Calligraphy

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/19/2017 | 3 Minute Read

Thirst Craft_InariBiru_06

Yeastie Boys have joined forces once again with Thirst Craft to design their latest creation, Inari Bīru, which is Japanese for “Rice Beer.”

Thirst Craft_InariBiru_02
Thirst Craft_InariBiru_08

Made using high grade Koshihikari rice, this extra pale golden ale was designed to compliment Japanese food and needed a strong design to match this strong proposition.

Inspired by minimalist Japanese design and a classic red, white and black colour palette, Thirst Craft created a strikingly simple pack.

Thirst Craft_InariBiru_05
Thirst Craft_InariBiru_10

To add balance and energy, paintbrushes were picked up in a hasty homage to shodō, traditional Japanese calligraphy. A lot of experimenting with very viscous ink led to loose, textured characters disrupting the pristine lay out with their vertical placement.

The result? A modern take on Japanese design for a modern take on Japanese rice beer. Oishī.

Thirst Craft_InariBiru_10
Thirst Craft_InariBiru_10

Agency: Thirst Craft
Client: Yeastie Boys
Location: Glasgow, Scotland

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