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Maty's All Natural Products Get a Fresh Inviting New Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/31/2017 | 3 Minute Read


Feeling under the weather? You might want to take care of yourself by trying out Maty’s, a line of all-natural cough syrups and remedies that are made with whole-food ingredients. Recently their product line got a fresh new look thanks to creative agency Haberman, who tapped into the brand’s authentic story to come up with their new packaging.

 “The nearly 10-year-old company, named for the daughter of founders Bob and Carolyn Harrington who sought out holistic remedies to heal Maty after she was born with serious health problems, came to Haberman in a time of growing retail distribution. Now on shelves at Walmart, CVS, RiteAid and Target, Maty’s competes with conventional brands like Robitussin as well as natural brands like Zarbee’s. With interest in healthier alternatives soaring, the company wanted to boost brand awareness, capture market share in the natural remedies space and appeal to wellness-minded consumers.”


“That meant standing out—and that meant evolving. ‘Over-the-counter medicines, as products, have lived in this clean, clinical—even sterile—aesthetic for a long time,’ explains Jeff Berg, Haberman’s creative director. ‘But Maty's is made with ingredients you can find in your kitchen. And consumers who want real foods and natural products buy things that look natural. So it made sense to us to match Maty’s outside—its packaging—with what’s inside.’
Berg says the design team set out to create a new logo and packaging that would look right at home in the kitchen cabinet (more so than the medicine cabinet). By highlighting Maty’s real ingredients in the packaging, Haberman’s designs for more than a dozen products, now on shelves in most areas, reflects the transparency of the brand. And the unique bottle pops on the shelf, setting it apart from the more conventional competition. The craft paper aesthetic, according to the design team, makes it easy to tell this is something natural and different compared to the clinical, traditional choices.”


“The new look and feel reinforces Maty’s whole-foods, ingredient-based efficacy and the company’s belief in true healing for families. For Haberman, a mission-driven agency, the partnership is a match made in heaven. Says Berg, ‘We couldn’t be more excited to shine a light on Maty’s authentic story—they are true wellness pioneers—and promote the benefits of holistic health.’”

Designed By: Haberman

Client: Maty’s

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