These Natural Beauty Products Make Minimalism Look Good

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/05/2017 | 5 Minute Read


Prescription Lab is a French beauty brand. They develop natural products around one or two ingredients and keep their ingredient list short and sweet. Awatif Bentahar created this minimalistic packaging in order to reinforce the simple yet high-quality aspect of the products.


The packaging for this brand was built around the fact that each product is released to the public inside a monthly premium beauty box and then sold on different e-shops and Parisian shops. It means that, when developing the idea for the packaging, I had to think about the surprise factor associated with the subscription box experience. Each product had to be part of a range (because it did live outside the box too) while working as a "one-shot" kind of product to create surprise and anticipation. To respond to that problematic, we decided to go for a different top for each product that went in a tube and, whenever possible, we just went for a transparent packaging and bet everything on the natural texture of the product.


Packaging Designer/Creative Director: Awatif Bentahar
Photography: Zoe Fidji Schmidmaier
Product Development: Marion Caillaud
Client: Prescription Lab
Location: Paris, France

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