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What If You Were Given Hand Sanitizer Every Time You Flew With JetBlue?

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/18/2017 | 3 Minute Read


Today, brand experience is now more important than ever. Brands try to convey a unique sense of identity, and the very notion of that identity is deeply intertwined with the value the brand provides its customers.

But if you have a brand with a strong presence and a trusting consumer base, can that brand extend themselves to new places and create products we wouldn’t normally associate with them?

For instance, when we talk about Amazon, we don’t just think about books anymore. We think of them as a virtual department store or grocer, a destination where we can get everything under the sun.

We tasked a group of young and emerging designers with creating extensions of well-known brands by imagining that they’ve unveiled a line of personal care and cosmetic products.

And this wasn’t just any re-brand. Designers were to not only take the core characteristics of familiar brands and expanding them into a new line of products, but also consider the unique attributes of their consumers as well.


For Paul Knipper’s ArtCenter Project, we couldn’t believe his toiletry kits weren’t an actual thing that you get whenever you fly with JetBlue. Complete with hand sanitizer, stain sticks, and tampons, it’s the perfect grab-and-go item when you’re on the move in the friendly skies.

Paul Knipper_JetBlue_Shoot

Designed By: Paul Knipper

School: ArtCenter College of Design

Instructors: Andrew Gibbs & Jessica Deseo

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