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If You're a Design Fan, You'll Love These Reading Glasses

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/26/2017 | 2 Minute Read


Design lovers rejoice! Eyewear company Afternoon has teamed up with Pantone in order to come out with these special and fun reading glasses.

“We created AFTERNOON with the aim of revolutionising the world of glasses for presbyopics. Reading glasses products are currently very poor and often austere. However, several million men and women in every country around the world are presbyopic. This condition affects 96% of people over 45 years old. Every year, this trend is accentuated by an aging population.”


“AFTERNOON wants to rejuvenate this offer, to see life in colour and to offer its customers reading glasses that are fun, colourful, qualitative and accessible to all. Because a pair of reading glasses can be a fashion accessory too!

To do this, AFTERNOON has joined forces with PANTONE, a global leader in colour in the world of fashion, design and decoration. Discover the first ever PANTONE Reading Glasses collection. Happy reading!”


Designed By: Afternoon
Location: France

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