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Thinc Pure: Cannabis For Moments That Soar

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/13/2017 | 3 Minute Read


We love the clean, bold take on this cannabis packaging. Urban Influence designed the packaging for Thinc Pure, a line of pure cannabis products and accessories that come with an eye-catching primary color scheme.


“Thinc Pure is the thought leader of organic, chemical-free and 100% pure cannabis products and accessories. Breaking free of worn, irrelevant stereotypes, they've developed a product designed to challenge, innovate and inspire."


“Thinc Pure believes in fuelling the mind and body with all that’s natural and wholesome. From seed to shop, Thinc Pure products follow a refined process free of chemicals or added anything. With zero additions, Thinc Pure captures the belief that simple is better and natural means fuller.” 


“Urban Influence joined the Thinc Pure team to help the world see the products just as clearly as the oils they produce.”


Agency: Urban Influence
Client: Thinc Pure
Creative Director: Pete Wright
Art Direction/Design: Mary Rauzi, Chaun Osburn
Location: Seattle, WA

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