Casa Boquera Wine is Inspired By Its Surroundings

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/14/2017 | 3 Minute Read


Spanish agency Estudio Maba have designed the packaging for Casa Boquera wine. The design features a beautifully die-cut label that reflects the surroundings in which the wine was created.


“A synthesis exercise for the design of a label that aspires to become the identity of the winery and its small hotel. A wine that communicates with the silence, which defends the micro-reserve from which comes its grape. A tribute to a place at 708 meters above sea, the valley between the mountains of the Sierra del Carche, the profile that draws the nature around it.

Pure, simple, no tricks.”


Agency: Estudio Maba
Client: Casa Boquera
Concept and Design: Manel Quílez
Creative Assistance: Adrián Marzal, Beatríz Suárez, Miguel Ángel del Baño
Design Assistance: José Lorente
Location: Murcia, Spain

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