This Watch Packaging is Unlike Anything You've Seen Before

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/11/2017 | 4 Minute Read

This watch packaging is unlike any you’ve seen before. Blink, a company specializing in smart technology, has come out with a sleek and unique way to package its watch.

“Blink is a modern-day consumer technology company that makes smart devices in the home and lifestyle space. 

We are a team of designers, developers & engineers who love molding atoms & pixels to create devices that have the ability to become ubiquitous and solve everyday user problems. We also believe that every interaction with our devices in the material or the digital world must be intuitive and delightful. This is reflected in the perfect blend of form and function for every product designed from the house of Witworks; thus providing an exceptional experience to the user.”

“The packaging has to communicate a lot about the product inside. So, the people would understand Blink by what they get to experience with the product itself, and hence the entire aesthetic of it. The messaging and the design language had to be in sync with our core values - ‘Keeping things simple, meaningful and delightful.’”

“The purpose was to create a simple yet iconic experience that will reflect the brand of 'Blink' and its values. It has to be as artistic and visually appealing as the device inside. This unique experience is the literal expression of the absence of the eye-grabbing colors and images. This minimalism is exactly the thing that attracts the eye. This interaction is reinforced by what's inside the box: something elegantly presented, cleanly designed and straightforward to use. It’s also about a package that’s easy for customers to open, easy for them to identify the component parts, and easy for them to start using. It’s a process that’s focused on the customer.”


Graphic Designers: Nikhil Bapna, Mani Singh
Industrial Designer: Ishaan Dass

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