Take a Look At This Awesome Lip Oil Kaleidoscope Wheel From Clarins

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/07/2017 | 4 Minute Read


Looking for something to get your lips looking their best? Clarins just might have you covered. In order to celebrate their line of lip oils, they came out with this special edition packaging that features an interactive wheel in order to showcase their products in serious style.

“Clarins’ Lip Oils were designed to nourish the lips, leaving a gently coloured shine and non-sticky finish. Infused with plant oils, these gorgeous natural lip oils can be worn on their own, or over other lip products, and come in seven exciting shades for any mood.”

“To showcase the line, the Clarins design team dreamt up an interactive pack that would engage consumer interest in an unexpected manner. The result? The Lip Oil Kaleidoscope Wheel, inspired by a game show wheel, which was manufactured by MW Luxury Packaging.

This fun pack consists of a slim, hinged box which opens to reveal the lip oil wheel and a mirror. Constructed with rigid board and wrapped in matte white, the exterior has been printed with spot Pantone matches and flashes of gloss UV varnish.”

“Of course, the true focus of the pack is the kaleidoscope wheel. The vacuum-formed feature holds each of the seven oils in fitments corresponding to their individual shades. As a free-moving element, the wheel is designed to be spun, creating a pinwheel of bright, moving colours.

The rigid board triangle to the right of the wheel acts as a ‘pointer’ helping the consumer to choose their shade; once selected the lip oil can be applied with the help of the internal mirror, the lid being held open by supporting ribbons.”


Manufacturer: MW Luxury Packaging 
Photography: Alex Bibby

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