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Transport Yourself With These Postcards That Come With a View

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/06/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Monica Greenwald designed the wonderful tactile packaging for these special set of postcards featuring imagery from photographer Heather McGrath.

“Heather McGrath is a commercial photographer with a wanderlust for extreme landscapes and raw, organic beauty. She needed a refresh on her visual identity and print collateral suite to showcase her travels and photo series projects. Extending her aesthetic for early 20th-century parlor cards and ephemera, we worked together to produce a self-promotional package called ‘10 Miniature Views’—a nod to photo souvenirs and travel keepsakes of times past. The concept was for the receiver to experience looking through a small window into incredible or otherwise unimaginable scenes—not just places to visit, but to show Heather’s unique viewpoint as a photographer. About the size of your phone, (intentionally in a traditional in 4:5 photo format) the small package was created to be a tactile experience and one to treasure.”

“A letterpress printed outer package with her new brand identity and contact information wraps around 10 miniature postcards of select works and places she's traveled. Packed a-la-carte or in curated sets for versatility, she can tailor the card sets to themes or additional print runs. So not to waste precious paper, the die cut window from the package doubled as her return address shipping label, and her business card then used the same dieline dimensions but on a sturdier 200#C to all work nicely with her visual identity suite.”


Designed By: Monica Greenwald
Client: Heather McGrath Photography
Printers: Repeat Press, Puritan Press
Location: Oakland, CA USA

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