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This Bottle of Milk Is Not Exactly What it Seems

by Natalie Mouradian on 09/05/2017 | 3 Minute Read

At first glance this milk bottle might look like the Calcium-packed beverage everyone knows and loves, but upon closer inspection, it is apparent that this bottle is actually an LED light. Luckies of London designed this adorable packaging for Milk Light, the LED light that comes in the shape of a classic milk bottle.

"Milk Light is an ambient LED light styled as a classic milk bottle. It emits a soft white glow making it perfect as a nightlight. Designed to be as realistic and minimal as possible the light's rechargeable USB port and switch are neatly concealed at the bottom of the bottle. Features removable cork lid. Stylised to hark back to the days of gold top milk, the packaging is made from natural cardboard with white silk print and gold foil finish. It comes with a counter display unit that resembles a classic milk carrier, just like those carried by the milkman on their morning deliveries."


Agency: Luckies of London
Creative Director: Xavier Unwin
Designers: Xavier Unwin, Callum Collie
Location: London, UK

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