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A New Brew Breaks Into the Craft Beer Scene in Ireland

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/03/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Rascals Brewing Co has carved out its own unique space in the world of craft beer. Designed by Triona O'Donoghue, the cans are bold and simple, exuding confidence and intense hoppy flavor.

“Rascals Brewing Co produce popular beer styles with its own rascally twist. In an Irish market that is saturated with quirky illustrative can graphics they felt that it could be intimidating for customers new to the craft scene. Rascals wanted to speak cheekily + honestly, directly to the customer and to clutter the complexity surrounding their choices.”

“All the beer names have a conversational and welcoming tone that educate about the beer. E.G. Yankee White IPA, uses American hops etc. And the bright unusual colours evoke excitement for the flavours. Each can has a fairly minimal design, using three colours and a lovely soft touch finish to really add to the experience.”


Designed by: Triona O'Donoghue

Country: Ireland

City: Dublin

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