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Get Refreshed With BIG BOSS PALM Soda

by Natalie Mouradian on 06/22/2017 | 2 Minute Read

Ayesha Sherriffs designed the identity and packaging for BIG BOSS PALM, a new line of natural coconut flavored soda.

“Brand identity and packaging design for BIG BOSS PALM, (probs) the world's first coconut water based soda - a coconut + vanilla fizzy pop made from young Thai coconut water and all-natural ingredients.”

"The design philosophy was very much about being fun and chilled, whilst invoking nostalgia - BIG BOSS PALM is essentially a fizzy pop (albeit a better-for-you version with a unique and complex flavour) and fizzy pop reminds us of carefree, good times. Also, the coconut and vanilla flavour has that summertime, holiday vibe down to a t - so we wanted to ensure the brand said all of that, whilst also looking gorgeous enough to make you want to hold it, buy it and guzzle it. BIG BOSS PALM himself is a little 8-bit character that embodies the brand - he's got shades of early NES games as well as Minecraft references to bring back good memories and nurture a connection for a large age range. Overall, the brand is clean, yet unique and detailed - a good representation of how BBP tastes!"

Designed By: Ayesha Sherriffs
Art Direction: Ayesha Sherriffs
Photography: Thomas Baker
Location: London, UK

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