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Pimp Out Your Kitchen in Style with Home Hero Supplies

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/10/2017 | 3 Minute Read

If you’re looking for simple and subtle yet sturdy kitchen supplies, then look no further than Home Hero. Designed by Accuraten specifically for the US marketplace on Amazon, the packaging is crisp and straightforward. It helps the consumers feel like the products will add a bit of order into the kitchen, whether it’s a hectic meal thrown together at the last minute or a meticulously planned one.

“Our task was to bring a new brand of kitchenware to Amazon US marketplace. We created Home Hero brand to thank and pay tribute to our local family heroes. We developed a logo, visual identity, packaging design for 3 products and user manuals. Also, we created photographs and package renders for Amazon listing. Doing all important chores at home takes a lot of time and effort—sometimes a hero effort! And you sure look like a hero to your small ones.”


Designed by: Accuraten

Art director: Slava Mishakov

Manager: Vlad Rafeev

Designer: Artem Zaytsev

3D visuals: Ilnur Nazyrov

Manual layout: Nikita Kotovsky

Product photo and retouch: Boka Su, Alexander Chushev, Dorian Nedzewicz, Ivan Kardashev

Logo tune: Azamat Kodzoev

Models: Anna Rafeeva, Anastasia Zhebyuk

Country: Russia

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