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Afternoon Tea is Way more Vibrant with TASTE&Co Colorful Boxes

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/12/2017 | 5 Minute Read

So simple yet so impactful. For their in-house brand, VDA BANGKOK developed a tea line with varieties like rose white tea, earl grey black tea, banoffee black tea, and so much more. Their colorful boxes and sans serif font embrace simplicity while still possessing that eye-catching quality which is key for standing out in a saturated market.

“DA BANGKOK is a midsize independent brand and communication agency based in Bangkok, Thailand. TASTE&Co is an in-house brand that VDA BANGKOK created in order to help small grassroots producers in Thailand to expand their business through our in-house brands. For this exotic tea line we created a series of packaging which are simple, fun, colorful and inspiring. Each flavor has an inspiring phrase of its own to reflect the tea's personality. In addition the packaging are designed to create a multi colored brick formats for display impact. The products are sold at various lifestyle multi-brand stores, tea rooms and cafes throughout Thailand.”


Designed by: VDA BANGKOK

Chief Creative Officer: Vorapreut Tejapaibul

Graphic Director: Pradya Kanla

Graphic Designer: Pantaree Saenkham

Country: Thailand

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