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We Dig these Far Out Designs for Foam Factory

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/13/2017 | 4 Minute Read

So trippy. Designed by SARAH, Foam Factory possesses some delightful retro inspiration and good vibes. We love that the you get a 70s feel from it, but the design is still subtle and relevant to today’s consumer.

“SARAH created this far out branding and packaging design concept for a cosmetic soap brand, Foam Factory. Taking some groovy inspiration from the 1970s, and combining it with a clean modern aesthetic, it features a transparent packaging focusing mainly on the funky and brightly-colored textures of the actual products themselves. The product names are a reflection of the slang terms used by people in that era which makes it super rad. The logo, business card, neon yellow mailing bag, and shipping boxes, expand on the awesome tone of the products and brand and further elevate the psychedelic concept. Ya dig it?”


Designed by: SARAH

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